The following details my most recent Workout of the Day featuring chest, shoulder, and triceps from Kirkland Gold’s Gym. Here is the workout...

Note: I joined a co-ed indoor soccer team with my two of my daughters and Christina despite the fact I had not played in 25 years. My knees and ankles were unaccustomed to the running, kicking, and cutting, so last week I played keeper, which resulted in a sprained wrist. Ugh, bodybuilding for 25 years doesn’t translate well to indoor soccer! Working around my wrist injury meant using less weight on pressing movements.

Giant Set: Horizontal Hammer Press, Hammer Decline Press, and Incline Press

I used the elitefts American Gridiron Bar for the incline. I also performed a few rounds of warm-ups before doing the following:

  • Horizontal Hammer Press x 10 reps with 2 plates/side
  • Immediately followed by…
  • Hammer Decline Press x 10 reps with 2 plates/side
  • Immediately followed by…
  • Incline American Gridiron Press x 10 reps with 135 pounds

The main goal here on each exercise is to utilize continuous tension by stopping short of lockout. Take no rest between exercises and about 90 seconds between rounds. Do this giant set four times through.

Superset: Eccentric-Focused Flyes and Stretch Push-Ups

  • Flyes x 6 reps with 160 pounds
  • Immediately followed by…
  • Stretch Push-Ups x 10 reps with bodyweight

The key on the flyes is to utilize a five- to six-second negative on the eccentric portion of each rep. Move straight to stretch push-ups to be sure to get a good stretch at the bottom of each rep. Perform this superset for three rounds.

Standing Side Laterals

  • Set 1 x 20 reps with 20 pounds
  • Set 2 x 15 reps with 25 pounds
  • Set 3 x 10 reps with 30 pounds

The key here is to use perfect form and eliminate momentum by using a three-second concentric and three-second eccentric. You will need a lighter weight to achieve the rep ranges while using the slow controlled tempo.

Superset: Front Raises and Face-Pulls

  • Front Raise x 20 reps with 15 pounds
  • Immediately followed by…
  • Face-Pull x 20 reps with 100 pounds

I used kettlebells and high reps for the front raises. Be sure to bring them up to forehead level at the top on each rep while pumping them out non-stop. Go straight to the opposing muscle group via face-pulls. Do this superset for three rounds.

Superset: Triceps Kick-Back and Overhead Extensions

  • Kick-Back x 10 reps with 15 pounds
  • Immediately followed by…
  • Overhead Extensions x 10 reps with 100 pounds

As you will see in the video below, bend as much as possible at the waist and utilize a pronated grip when doing the kick-backs. I elected for the same kettlebells I used for front raises. Hold the contracted position briefly on each rep, and you will be amazed at how well these hit your triceps. Move straight to overhead extensions with a rope and focus on the stretch.

That concluded this Workout of the Day.

Train hard!


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