The purpose of this compilation is to aggregate current and conflicting methods regarding manipulation of macronutrient ratios, feeding patterns, and general strategies to improve body composition. This entry is not intended to be an all-inclusive, one-stop shop concerning every possible conceivable dieting approach.

The method for choosing articles was as follows. Every article under the umbrella of nutrition on the website was scanned. If the content of the article fit the criteria of manipulating nutrient ratios or feeding patterns, it was added to a large list of possibilities.  From there, redundancy was minimized and possibilities were eliminated.  Factors coming into play involved reputation of the author, referencing scientific studies and novel content.

Not only will different articles within this list conflict, ideas within roundtable discussions will also conflict. Further, methods used by bodybuilders and powerlifters may even conflict with rules and guidelines set forth by major associations in the United States holding top authority in the realm of nutrition. Diet confuses people because extremely strong arguments can often be made on both sides of an issue, and scientific research has its limitations. Within this collection, perhaps certain patterns will emerge. Perhaps underlying principals will come to light which can make sense of seemingly conflicting information, while elucidating how everything can simultaneously be correct at the same time under the appropriate context.

The top six articles are listed first. The remaining articles, which are not listed according to rank, are grouped together in such a way that might help readers compare and contrast ideas.


  1.  Integrative Bodybuilding: When It Comes to Diet, One Size Fits One

“I’d be willing to bet that the identical twins out there reading this will agree—only one size fits you when it comes to your diet.”

Summary: This is a very interesting look at why diet should be individualized as opposed to cookie cutter. The discussion concerning the identical twins experiments on body composition was truly enlightening. Is there more to the story than just cals in cals out?

  1. The Mountain Dog Diet—A Healthier Way to Get Lean/Add Muscle...or Both! 

“Well, the diet that I recommend usually freaks people out initially, but it’s rooted in sound science and facts, and not influenced by flawed studies funded by companies with ulterior motives.”

Summary: This article is about avoiding a decline in health and being swole in a way that promotes health and longevity. This can be achieved by focusing on micro nutrition and food sources. What a wonderful discussion on fats and vitamins!

  1.  Ketogenic Diets for Bulking

“While the research on this topic is sparse at best with regards to resistance trained athletes, it is hypothesized that one can stay in and experience the benefits of being in ketosis while still taking advantage of the hormonal milieu from consuming carbohydrates (and possibly proteins and amino acids) around a workout.”

Summary: Can muscle gains occur for an athlete under ketogenic conditions resulting from prolonged carbohydrate restriction? Though diets have been created in order to attempt muscle gains with this approach, there is little agreement about its effectiveness.  A good case is made as to why bodybuilders and athletes should take a closer look at this method.


  1.  Intermittent Fasting: Big Help or Big Hype?

“It sounds counter-intuitive for building muscle, but the hardest of the hardcore "fasters" aren’t simply skipping meals. They’re combining periods of fasting with calculated high protein re-feeding — and are getting bigger and leaner.”

Summary: This Dr.  Berardi intermittent fasting interview offers great insight on the topic. Dr.  Berardi’s credentials are quite impressive. Even more impressive is his desire to seek truth even if it conflicts with, modifies or expands upon results from his previous PhD research.

  1.  The “If it Fits Your Macros” Conundrum

“I do believe that things like nutrient timing, specifically peri-workout nutrition, can enhance or detract from your program. I do believe that certain food choices are more nutritious than others. I do believe that different macronutrients produce profoundly different hormonal reactions. Yet, I also believe that you can include flexibility in your food choices and still make great progress.”

Summary: The “if it fits your macros conundrum” is an intense debate between those who snobbishly eat clean 100% of the time vs. those who arrogantly allow for some dietary flexibility. Fred Duncan goes into detail about how the camps are divided, offers some logic and gives his valuable insight.

  1.  Cheat Meals, Refeeds, and Triple-X Eating

“…..I hope to bring some clarity to the landscape. At mountaindog diet, we work with hundreds of clients a year, and we do, in fact, have fairly sound definitions of the dietary terms that surround the “cheat” meal.”

Summary: Cheating on a diet is awesome; we all love it.  Interestingly, those at Mountain Dog Diet discuss various cheating methods that can be used depending on the conditions and situation. For people who fit appropriate parameters, they may consider among many things: cheat meals, free meals, reefed meals and spike days.

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Currently an intern at elitefts, Dan got his start in physical therapy school.  He decided to change directions and is now a student at The Ohio State University majoring in biochemistry and dietetics.  Lifting weights, HIT cardio, nutrition, personal training and tea brewing are his passions.