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Week 1 

Seth Albersworth is wrapping up his 4-part series on the conjugate method during the first week of the month. It’s here he simplifies and breaks down the max effort method, dynamic effort method, and repeated effort method into principles, ultimately to answer the following questions:

  • What exercises should you train on max effort days? What rep range should you train? How do you rotate things?
  • How heavy do you need to go on dynamic effort days? How many sets should you do?
  • What accessory lifts should you be doing? How heavy should you be going on these? How much accessory volume should you be hitting?

Read each part here:

Table Talk Podcast #27 introduces Zach Thayer, our videographer intern, who happens to be familiar with the gym and a fan of Dave. Listen to his story and his questions for Dave as he sets out on a new professional (and strengthening) opportunity. If you too are interested in an internship at elitefts, be sure to visit our site to learn how to apply for the internships we’re offering. Watch now!

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Week 2

For the second week of September, Jason Brown shares how he figures out exercise variance for his own training and with his general population and CrossFit clients. After more than 15 years of training, he just recently changed his methodology, considering influences like Dr. John Rusin (revisit how Dr. John Rusin helped Dave Tate) and Christian Thibadeau. Read this on September 14th.

Week 3

Then, during Week 3, Ashley Jones recounts the specific injuries that are inherent in the game of rugby. To keep strong and work through injury, he shares 7 strength training items his rugby players (and himself as their programmer) can’t live without. Read this on September 18th.

Week 4

During the last (but certainly not least) week of the month, Jennifer Petrosino recounts her lifting journey from age 15 to soon-to-be 30 years. She’s the first to admit that she’s spent half of her life working against herself to obtain a strong and lean body. Don’t make the same mistakes she did! Read this on September 22nd.


More Content!

Other features to keep an eye out for include: JM Blakley’s final part of his muscle-mind connection series (more homework for you); Jeremy Frey’s purchasing recommendations for the weight room on a budget; an athlete introduction video starring the hilarious Lily Starobin; an interview with Power in Motion gym owner Alex Powers; and how food allergies can be the culprit of eating the same foods too often, written by Dr. Eric Serrano and Scott H. Mendelson.

Thanks, Seth Albersworth, Regan Quaal, Brian LeRiche, Chris Marzarella, Max Barnhart, Stephen Macneil, Noel FitzGibbon, Pete Arroyo, and Dr. Eric Serrano and Scott H. Mendelson for your article submissions!

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  1. Block Pulls — Yessica Martinez
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  3. Keeping the gym "Old School" — Anne Sheehan
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