Elitefts™ columnist Scott Stevenson performs a mechanical drop set of dumbbell curls with iso-tension assistance from Elitefts™ Advisor and Owner of Mountain Dog Training and Nutrition  John Meadows.

Keys to Success:

  • Sit on a bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand and position palms facing in, arms straight.
  • With arms to sides, lift one dumbbell and externally rotate arm until forearm is vertical and palm faces shoulder.
  • Lower the dumbbell to starting position and repeat with opposite arm.
  • Continue to alternate between sides until failure.

Mechanical Drop:

  • Once failure is reached stand up and continue to perform same exercise execution.
  • Standing allows the use of body english to help assist the movement.


  • On the final rep have a partner pull your arm down while you resist as hard as you can for 5-10 seconds.
  • This overloads the eccentric part of the movement and increases the intensity of the exercise.