Elitefts™ Advisor and Mountain Dog Training and Nutrition Owner John Meadows demonstrates a scrape-the-rack press and overhead shrug combination in the Elitefts™ Collegiate Rack at T-Nation Headquarters.

According to Meadows:

I had given up entirely on overhead pressing, but then he discovered the scrape the rack press.

Over time, I've found that -- coupled with side lateral variations -- scrape the rack presses produce substantial growth in my delts with little to no risk of injury.

Also, I've found that a variation of the scrape the rack press is a great fix for underdeveloped traps. It really hits the entire shoulder and upper back/trap areas.

To really learn this lift, check out the video of John Schlecht and I performing scrape the rack press and its trap variation.

Video Courtesy of T-Nation's YouTube Channel

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