Grip Strength - Levering

Muscles Targeted:
Hand Flexion, Finger Strength, Wrist Flexion and Extension, Thumb Strength

Plate Wrist Curls


1. Fix plate in hand with lip facing up and thumb on top, hooking over the lip of the plate

2. Fixed elbow at 90 degrees to your side

3. Flex wrist until plate is close to 90 degrees

4. Extend wrist back to starting postion and repeat.

Note: If you can't do a 25 lb plate to start, movement can be done with multiple dimes (smooth side facing out). Progression from 25 lb plate to 35 lb plate can be done by adding 2.5 lb plates to far side of 25 lb plate with C-clamp.

Builds musculature responsible for explosive wrist flexion; ie volleyball spike or basketball shot.