Check it out as Molly performs a set of tricep extensions using and EZ curl bar with chains.  We use chains to accommodate the resistance, which makes the top of the lift much harder.  This really taxes the triceps and seems to have carryover to the bench press more than doing them with just straight weight.  As you can see, Molly is using around 65% straight weight, and 35% in chain weight.

To setup, you can choose to either put a small chain around the bar, and loop the chain so it ends up suspended when you are at the top.  The other way is to single the chain so that at the top, there is still 1-2 links of the group.  If doing the latter of the two, I like to use more chain weight, and less bar weight.  Doing it this way makes the end range ridiculously hard!

Give this setup a shot and see some new strength!