Hey Amy!

I suffered a broken finger a few months ago, and when I deadlifted today I noticed that my grip as weakened. I have a meet in one month! What would be your go to exercise for getting my grip up? I am doing hex dumbbell circuits, holds for 20 seconds, and pyramiding up and down with different weights. What would you recommend for my grip?

Only a month out doesn't leave much time. My first thought is if you aren't already using it, start hook gripping. Painful, yes. Essential in this situation, perhaps. Also, pull as quick as possible to get that bar moving and to minimize the time your hands need to be engaged in the lift.

You have some options, but I am not too sure how far you will get in a month. Add grip training in 3-4 days per week. Be careful with that addition because grip training can be very taxing on the body, especially during the initial training. Listen to your body and back off when you feel like it's appropriate.

During deadlift training, start the session pulling double overhand and continue as long as possible in the session. Switch to a mixed grip only once double overhand is fried. Typically you should be able to pull about 60-70% of your max.

Integrate some fat bar training and do some partials in the rack, including double overhand. Also incorporate some static holds at the end of each rep. Finally, toss in some plate pinches using 2-25 lbs.'s or higher depending on your abilities.

My reps schemes in grip vary depending on the week and the goal. In your situation, I would go heavier with less reps and then plug in some static holds. Each day I would choose a different exercise and plug them in where appropriate in your training.

Shoot. Sorry to hear this is a factor so close to meet day. Keep me posted on your progress and how things turn out.

Grip Is Under Rated,
Amy Wattles

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