From the vault of elitefts audio footage, we're finally sharing with you an incredible interview with Dr. Scott Stevenson.

Stevenson has studied a variety of disciplines at high levels. He holds a PhD in exercise physiology and is both ACSM and NSCA certified, as well as being a licensed acupuncturist, board-certified Chinese herbalist, and Oriental bodyworker. In addition to his unmatched scholastic abilities, Stevenson is a decorated bodybuilder, having competed in many challenging shows. His philosophy in training and in science is to blend higher knowledge with real-world experience while constantly keeping an open-minded approach to growing the mind and body.

In this video, Stevenson discusses training frequency and takes you through his journey of using multiple levels of frequency in his bodybuilding training.

For Stevenson, it all started with training each muscle group one time per week. Quickly learning that this particular technique did not work for him, Stevenson altered his training to allow greater frequency and to hit each muscle group multiple times per week. When he recognized the benefits of this programming technique, Stevenson then discovered DC training and started to look more deeply into failure and rest-pause methods.

Stevenson tweaked things over time. He eventually hooked up with Dante, the originator of DC, and became an aficionado of high-efficiency training. Refining all of these ideas over time, Stevenson developed his own unique training modules.

Openly sharing his story, Stevenson approaches training frequency from both a practical and scientific perspectives, offering specially-tailored advice that only experience such as his can build.

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