This podcast is a little different than most of our Table Talk Podcast episodes. This time around, Dave Tate is the one on the hot seat because he's being interviewed by Leslie Eiler Thompson, host of The Rogue Ones Podcast.

Leslie wrote about her fitness journey and how she learned about Dave and elitefts, as well as the common ground she learned while interviewing him for this dual podcast:

I thought I was a capable athlete until I reached t-ball at age 4 and found I could hit the T, but not the ball on top of it. That’s fine, I thought. I’m not made for t-ball. 

I found in elementary school that kickball provided troubles for me, and I was always picked last. That’s alright, I’m not going to the olympics for kickball or anything. 

I did hurdles in Jr. High and couldn’t get over them. I placed ONCE in discus - and never again despite working my tush off. It was decided (by me): sports aren’t my thing. I’m not an athlete. Physical activity isn’t for me. 

Then I met Mike (my NSCA CSCS fitness coach husband, then boyfriend). Under the influence of a guy named Dave Tate and his company EliteFTS, my new boyfriend taught me that I could be strong. I could be capable physically…there was hope for me. My short legs and chicken nugget body hold their own under a bar, I didn’t have to throw anything to be physically fit. 

The knowledge and information elitefts provided my husband on his own journey to strength and ultimately, a career, has benefitted my life more than I could possibly imagine or explain. 

And today, I get to share my podcast episode featuring Dave Tate himself. He’s changed the lives of countless people through the empowerment and knowledge he freely gives to this tribe. And just like me, he believed lies about himself. He believed he was stupid and incapable after being labeled as “learning disabled.” But now, he spends his life making other people stronger in all areas of life - people just like me. I hope you’ll listen today, friends. I’m really proud of this one. Read more at

Raised in Northern Illinois, Leslie Eiler Thompson grew up among the Midwestern sentiments of hard work ethic and resolve. Spending most of her childhood and adolescent years on a theatrical stage sparked an attitude of curiosity in Leslie that has developed into a life-long calling to humanize those she finds herself around. Some stories simply must be told, and Leslie works to create platforms and strategies through which her curated work can flourish. Leslie received her college education in Nashville, Tennessee, as a commercial music student at Belmont University. Post-graduation, she fell into work within the music industry, continuing the trend of meeting interesting folks with the best stories. In 2018, Leslie launched The Rogue Ones Podcast, which affords her the great opportunity to speak with extraordinary folks doing fascinating things — some of them icons in their field — for the purpose of developing an ongoing quest toward remarkable living. Follow her on Instagram @leslieeilerthompson and @rogueonespodcast and visit her websites at and

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