RC: Team EliteFTS welcomes Figure Competitor, Kelly Booth. Introduce yourself to the EliteFTS readership, and tell us something about yourself.

KB: I have always been into competitive sports since I was young. Yet not gifted enough to play at the college level. When going to college I missed the competitive sports, therefore, becoming competitive with myself. I ran a marathon and the following year a half and hating it. Trained all by myself, just running and running and running, not my thing. Then I met my soon to be husband who introduced me to the world of bodybuilding. That is when I feel in love with figure competitions and him. I trained on my own (with guidance from my soon to be husband, boyfriend at the time) for about a year. When I realized I wanted to take it a step further I hired Pauline Nordin for about a year. Even going out to LA to train with her. When I qualified for Nationals I went on my own again. I have placed 10th at two national level competitions. Knowing I needed more guidance I turned to the elite trainer for Figure competitors, Kim Oddo. Working towards my IFBB Pro Card every moment of my day with lifts, cardio, nutrition, and rest. I have learned no one become pro over night. It is day and night dedication.

RC: When did you first start reading the EliteFTS Website?

KB: I started first reading EliteFTS in college when training for my first show in 2007. I had a couple powerlifting friends that introduced the website to me. From there I love the dedication, motivation, education, and inspiration the website gives to the fitness industry no matter what the individuals goal is.

RC: What is your nutritional philosophy?

KB: I want to stay lean all year round. Never more than 4 weeks out from a show. I love being lean. That is what drives me the most. I am not the figure competitor you see gain 10 lbs after a show. With that said, I eat clean 99.9% of the time. I do not just eat clean I follow my diet. No extras here or there. I love my food, lean protein, veggies, oatmeal, peanut butter, if I have those things I am one happy girl.

RC: What is your training philosophy?

KB: Train as heavy as I can with the best form I can. I am not training for strength or to be a powerlifter. I train to make my body very symmetrical. If I have a weaker side or uneven side I work on evening them out. I am going for the look. Some days lifting as heavy as the previous week is rough when not having any extra calories. Trying to up my weight in some exercise every week is a goal of mine. I never want to write in my book I failed compared to the previous week.

RC: What can we expect from you on the site?

KB: You will see my journey good and bad as I continue to always be prepping to compete as a figure competitor. Nothing is sugar coated with me. You will see the mental side along with the physical battles a competitor faces. I will help educated people from my experiences to help everyone reach those goals you may have. Let’s get the ball rollin’. Nothing gets accomplished just sitting on the coach. Time to get up and train!

RC: What does EliteFTS mean to you?

It means the best fitness knowledge, leadership, and experience, in the industry. I feel greatly honored to be part of such a recognized team. I still feel as if I am daydreaming. I hope I can help others as EliteFTS has helped me with focus and knowledge in fitness.

RC: Do you have any closing words?

KB: Thank you, EliteFTS for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime to enhance my dedication to the fitness industry. The sky is my limit. I want to be the best trainer and competitor I can.

RC: Kelly, we're excited to have you on board. Follow Kelly's log for more of her training and nutrition information.