Joe Defranco laid the groundwork for all sports performance coaches looking to open a facility to get athletes stronger, faster, and more durable. DeFranco opened one of the original garage gyms for athletes, where he has trained multiple year NFL All-Pros like Brian Cushing, David Diehl, and Miles Austin, along with a slew of first-round draft choices. Defranco has also trained major league baseball players, professional volleyball players, MMA fighters, pro boxers, and WWE superstars, including Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Defranco has been associated with elitefts since he opened Defranco’s training center.

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There are a lot of speed experts who swear that resisted sprints make you slower and/or alter running mechanics. Joe DeFranco strongly disagrees (especially when referring to high school and college team sport athletes.)

This presentation, filmed at the 2015 elitefts Sports Performance Training Summit, focus on the Four Stages of Learning a New Skill — more specifically Stage 3, Conscious Competence. During this stage you need to "slow down" the skill in order to consciously practice it. The problem is that you can't practice acceleration at half speed. Because of the angles and other factors, you need to run at full speed. This causes a huge speed problem, because athletes are constantly running their sprints with poor form and every bad rep further imprints those poor mechanics in the brain. The only way to practice accelerating at "half speed" is with prowler pushes or marches.

There is a lot of in-house research to back up how Joe Defranco has improved sprint mechanics and speed by using this drill. In addition, this presentation will cover improving alactic capacity with the prowler so athletes can repeat their speed/power efforts on the field.

Cost: $19.95

Running Time: 1 hour, 36 minutes

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What they are saying about Joe DeFranco's SPTS15 presentation:

Very different perspective, was willing to challenge some of the established teachings based on his coaching experiences, I think his thoughts allowed others to think outside the box, coaches like Joe are what keeps the industry changing and progressing 

Gave me a new outlook on speed development and some new ways to use the prowler. 

Joe kept the focus very narrow, and that allowed him to be more technical and specific. That was much appreciated. 

Joe knows his stuff. He is extremely humble & is extremely innovative with his approach in teaching sprint technique with prowler.

One of the most innovative physical preparation coaches and he expressed that during his presentation with the use of a prowler as a speed tool. I hope Joe presents at every Sports Performance Summit Elitefts holds. Cant say enough good things about Joe. 

Cant say one negative thing about Joe Defranco or his presentation. One of the most innovative physical preparation coaches and he expressed that during his presentation with the use of a prowler as a speed tool. I hope Joe presents at every Sports Performance Summit Elitefts holds. Cant say enough good things about Joe
Loved his passion towards his athletes and I love the perspective he had on the Prowler training and how it relates to power development
I have been reading a lot about sprint training lately and it's easy to read the way the "greats" have done things and to see Joe go against the grain a bit sometimes and start to get skeptical with his ideas and then BAM he does such a good job of making a case for what he says and it helps keep you in check. Always have an open mind, always seek to evolve your ways of thinking
Awesome demonstration for the difference in training acceleration for the overall athlete as opposed to the Olympic sprinter 



The Joe DeFranco File


Joe DeFranco

Owner, DeFranco's Training

“It’s not about the program. It’s not about the equipment. You’ve got to put the mental shit first; the program is secondary”.

- Joe D.

Joe DeFranco is the founder and owner of the world-famous DeFranco's Gym (est. 2003). “DeFranco’s” pioneered the hardcore, warehouse-type training centers that are now popping up throughout the country. Their results-driven, New Jersey-based facility was built with one thing in mind – IMPROVING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE! DeFranco’s caters to serious high school, college and professional athletes that are driven to reach their full athletic potential. Every square inch of the facility is dedicated to getting athletes brutally strong, lightning fast and mentally tough. There is no “fluff” or distractions at DeFranco’s gym! You will not find any TV’s, juice bars, fancy locker rooms, air conditioning or “easy listening” music; what you will find is an incredibly motivating, intense atmosphere; the best training equipment in the world; and some of the most educated coaches in the world!

– Courtesy Onnit Academy

“To say Joe DeFranco has had a tremendous influence on me (and my athletes) would be an understatement. I have followed Joe and his training for almost my entire career. Joe DeFranco was one of the first coaches to utilize conjugated periodization concepts and implement them into a sports performance training methodology. He knew that the best way to get athlete’s faster and more explosive was to first get them stronger. When he took a chance and started training athletes out of his garage, he proved it. Joe has established himself as one of the most sought after trainers in the world. Although his client list has grown in terms of numbers and salaries, his foundational principles have stayed put. Being innovative and cutting-edge while still standing firm in your beliefs is a characteristic that only the best coaches have — and DeFranco has it.” – Mark Watts

Interview with Joe DeFranco

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