In this BONUS Table Talk episode, Dave Tate and Sheena Leedham are joined by Molly and Andrew Yerrakadu to discuss everything autism. They dive deep into strength training and Spell to Communicate, two significant modalities that encompass the whole child and form the basis for all other therapies.

As a practitioner, educator, trainer, and parents, they cover the following topics:

  • Early signs of autism
  • Getting a diagnosis
  • Parent advocacy and reshaping expectations
  • Early intervention
  • Navigating the school system
  • Therapies like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Spell to Communicate (S2C), Hippotherapy, and more
  • The importance of strength training
  • Social Programming (Men's Aspirations and Tampa Bay Letter Board Community)
  • And more! 

Resources mentioned in the podcast include: 

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