Welcome to Season 3 of Dave Tate's Table Talk Podcast!

On today's show Dave sits down with Jim Wendler and Matt Rhodes to discuss training, coaching, consistency, discipline, past Westside Barbell stories, and more stories only they can tell. 

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Today's Topics Include

00:00 introduction

1:04 Marek Health - Watch Dave Screw this up

4:32 The Damn Birds Are Back

5:32 Smoking and Smokie

7:07 Coaches and Kids

15:56 Would Jim coach at the college level?

24:11 What’s Jim working on?

27:16 Critics

31:57 Vogelpohl story

35:19 Matt’s first trip to Westside Barbell

39:19 Win a SS Yoke Bar

40:08 Leg curls after GHRs

41:49 Benefits of the GHR

45:11 Building Bench Press at 52 years old (standards and expectations)

55:57 Rep integrity

58:07 Consistency and discipline

1:09:05 Broken forearm comeback

1:10:19 Gym fails

1:15:11 Back off sets

1:16:07 Conjugate for newbie

1:21:14 The importance of strength

1:28:28 The coaching industry today

1:36:27 Bad choices that hurt training

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