There are varying views on what causes butt-wink, spinal flexion in the squat. There are multiple supposed solutions, from ankle mobility to hip mobility, and there are even people that question whether or not it matters. In the following video, I provide answers to these questions, as well as immediate fixes through proper engagement patterns. This video addresses longer-term approaches to fix issues that are not resolved by incorporating cues that provide immediate results. If you follow this straight forward approach you will significantly reduce your risk for injury as well as improve your squat performance.

Duffin covers:

  • What is butt-wink and why does it matter? (0:38)
  • ATG squats with new lifters (1:55)
  • Why you need to get rid of butt-wink (2:43)
  • Two primary ways to control spinal area and lumbar flexion (3:15)
  • Ways to get rid of butt-wink: is it just hip mobility? (4:49)
  • Genetic limitations on hip mobility (6:38)
  • How to incorporate solution methods into your training (7:40)
  • Hands-on assessment demonstration (8:25)
  • Goblet squat for maintaining lumbar spine position (9:36)
  • Tactical frog for hip mobility (11:53)