Building the Biggest Hood in the Hood — Juarez Valley 10 Push-Ups

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The Juarez Valley concept is easy to understand but the difficulty lies in the execution. Repetitions are performed in descending order on all odd-numbered sets, but repetitions are performed in ascending order on even-numbered sets. In the middle, they meet!

A Juarez Valley 10 is performed liked this:

  • Set 1: 10 Reps
  • Set 2: 1 Reps
  • Set 3: 9 Reps
  • Set 4: 2 Reps
  • Set 5: 8 Reps
  • Set 6: 3 Reps
  • Set 7: 7 Reps
  • Set 8: 4 Reps
  • Set 9: 6 Reps
  • Set 10: 5 Reps

The Juarez Valley 10 in Action

Between each set, take an eight-foot walk (the equivalent of a jail cell). Perform this as fast as possible and keep track of time. This gives a chance for circulation and some recovery before the next set.

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Keep track of time and your goal is to continually beat your established time — the overload variable is increased density.

Final Thoughts

Unless your objective is pre-exhaustion, do this at the end of your workout. This is a finisher.  Establish a time and continually beat that time and take your chest development to the next level.

Bonus Video: The entire workout and establishing a mind/muscle connection


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