Cannonball Run Shoulder Day

Since my one shoulder is still tweaked, I wanted to do a shoulder workout without any kind of pressing. So, I came up with the fun idea of doing a high-pull "cannonball run." I call it cannonball run because when it was done, my shoulders looked like, and were as lethal as, cannonballs.

Cannonball Run


  • 100kgs (220lbs) x 1 high pull and 1 hang clean
  • 100 x 2 pulls, 1 clean
  • 100 x 3 pulls, 1 clean
  • 100 x 4 pulls, 1 clean
  • 100 x 5 pulls, 1 clean
  • 100 x 6 pulls, 1 clean
  • 100 x 7 pulls, 1 clean
  • 100 x 8 pulls, 1 clean
  • 100 x 9 pulls, 1 clean
  • 100 x 10 pulls, 1 clean
  • 110 x 1 pull, 1 clean
  • 120 x 1 pull, 1 clean
  • 130 x 1 pull, 1 clean
  • 140 x 1 pull, 1 clean – “Mother” by Danzig came on right as I was approaching the bar, I knew it was a sign that I would not be denied on this day.

Seated Dumbbell Side Raises

  • 5 x 25 – at this point, I thought I could smell freshly shredded coconut and then realized that it was my fully pumped shoulders

Rear Delt V Raise

  • 4 x 25

Rear Delt Machine

  • 4 x 15


There are always a lot of distractions and commotion when I’m trying to train, and today was no exception. Usually Bob is here to act as a filter between me and a disruption in the swole, but he wasn’t here today.

First, a couple guys who had been doing some conditioning work outside and left our sledge hammer directly under the path of the automatic garage door, they then hit the down button and walked away not knowing that it came down on the hammer, which nearly destroyed the motor and knocked the whole door off the tracks.

Then, at one point a cute little high school gal came in and wanted to join. I quickly signed her up. She then said, “So I’m free to jump on anything I want?” Being the consummate charmer that I am I replied, “Whoa, take it easy little girl, I’m a married man.” She giggled and I felt I had scored.

Just about the entire time we were training, there was some white trash, domestic situation brewing outside in the parking lot. It brought out a few of the local police. I’m not sure what was going on, but some haggard woman was jumping up and down screaming about something and the cops were just kind of standing around snickering at her behind her back. That kind of shit goes on about once a week right near my front door, which is just AWESOME for business.