As the National Strength and Conditioning Association Ohio State Director, I am responsible for organizing the state clinic every year. This year, there was no doubt we had one of the most prolific speaker line-ups of any state clinic. Presenting this year at the Ohio State University RPAC was Dan John, Meg Stone, Cal Dietz, Bryan Mann, Scott Caulfield, Anthony Donskov, JL Holdsworth, and the OSU Olympic Strength Staff.

The day before the clinic, Cal Dietz, Scott Caulfield, and Bryan Mann stopped by the elitefts™ S4 compound to train and exchange ideas. These three are several of the most innovative practitioners in the field. We gave them the opportunity to weigh-in on four different topics regarding training, programming, and the strength and conditioning profession.

The Coaches


Question #1:

What are the biggest discrepancies you see in first-year athletes?

Question #2:

How have your jobs changed over the past 5-10 years?

Question #3:

Are we doing enough to integrate technology and strength training?

Question #4:

Where do you see the profession going now?