If you as a coach don't want to train in your own weight room, how will you ever motivate your athletes and clients?

This is a question with an answer that would help a lot of gym owners improve their facilities — and it is one that JL Holdsworth regularly asks himself. What environment does he create for his athletes and for his clients? What kind of culture does his facility have?

JL keeps these questions in mind for everything he does with The Spot Athletics. For every client that enters his training facility, there are two goals that matter before any training takes place: get the client to understand the culture, and then get the client to buy in to the culture. Once those two goals are accomplished, anything can be done.

In this video, shot during a visit to The Spot Athletics in Columbus, Ohio, Mark Watts talks with JL about what it takes to create a culture of strength for a training facility. The Spot Athletics recently celebrated its first year anniversary at its new 8,000 square-foot location, having now been in business for over four years. From the staff to the coaches to the layout of the weight room, JL focuses on making sure that everyone has the same understanding about what The Spot Athletics is and what The Spot Athletics does.

The Spot Athletics

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