Julia Ladewski's wide range of personal and professional experience in the world of strength and conditioning makes her an asset to athletes in a large variety of sports and hobbies. Need advice for improving speed and agility in youth athletes? She can help. Want to know more about training for powerlifting? She has years of knowledge to share. Training and dieting for a physique sport? She can even help you with that. In this collection of short videos, Julia answers your questions from Instagram covering a variety of topics, from muscle-specific training to how to develop athleticism in children.

WATCH: Physique and Strength Sports — Training and Competing as a Dual Athlete

Julia discusses her three favorite hamstring and glute exercises in the first video, detailing how and why these movements are important for strength and physique athletes.

This second video covers how to train children between the ages of 11 and 14 to ensure they stay healthy while improving strength and athleticism.

This final video covers an often overlooked aspect of how you perform in the gym: what you do when you're away from it. Julia explains what she does in the 22 hours of the day that aren't spent training, and why this matters if you want to perform or look your best.

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