Elitefts™ Director of Education Mark Watts discusses and demonstrates some beneficial ways to utilize kettlebells when training large groups of athletes.

Why Use Kettlebells?

A. There is one movement exclusive to kettlebells that is integral in the development of your athletes that cannot be duplicated.
B. There is an abundance of uses for kettlebells in your program and many different exercises and modalities can be implemented.

The Swing Rationale

A. As part of the hinge continuum (RDL to Swing)
B. As a separate "explosive" movement (Double Extension)

The American Swing

Pro: Added Eccentric force
Con: Possible Shoulder Impingement
Alternative: Swings with Bands

The Swing Progression

One-Handed with High Pull
One-Handed Snatch

Coaching Points

High Pull— One-Handed Swing + High Pull
Snatch— Punch in Front

Part 1: Rationale, Swing, High Pull, and Snatch


The Overhead Press

1. Unilateral for Training Effect and Logistics
2. Is It Worth Teaching the KB Clean?
3.Two-Hand Clean with One KB

Points to Avoid During the Press

1. Rack Position Across the Body
2. Start Position Like A Barbell Press
3. KB Rotating Inward
4. External Rotation with Neutral Grip

The Goblet Squat Variations

1. Holding by the Horns
2. Holding by the Horns (Upside Down)
3. Holding by the Bell (Upside Down)

Single Leg RDL and One-Arm KB Row

A. Starts with concentric movement to develop starting strength.
B. Separates eccentric and concentric contraction to add in recovery and develop explosive power.

Part 2: Overhead Press, Squat, RDL, Row

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