Dave Tate and Jim Wendler gained a lot of good stories through their years traveling around the country to speak at strength seminars. If you've never heard any of these stories, here a few quotes to help you understand what they're like:

  • "Every time I went to the bathroom I bought myself a shot, because I didn't want to be that guy that had a drinking problem."
  • "Of all the seminars we did, we made money on maybe two. Our goal was to break even."
  • "Punched out your rectum."
  • "Wherever there was porn, we had it. We had 24 hours of porn running on the TV with the door wide open."
  • "We look for people who are elite at what they do. Martin didn't have an elite total but he was elite at what he did."

These stories have a little of everything: discussion of the profitability of travel seminars, followed by jokes about spicy food making Dave sick; explanation of what it means to be elite, followed by the mention of 24-hour porn. When you put Dave and Jim together to talk about their history of working together, it's impossible to predict what they're going to say.

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For this week's edition of Off Topic, Dave and Jim discuss the years of traveling for seminars and the days of articles like Timmy the Trainer, The Eight Keys, and Captain of the Cups. In addition to telling stories about all of the things they did on these travel seminars, Dave and Jim point out an important and often overlooked fact: these seminars weren't profitable, at least not in the traditional sense.

The value of these seminars wasn't the paid wage for speaking. The value was the long-term impact on the future of elitefts. It led to some of the most read articles in elitefts.com history, it led to knowledge that made it into the original 5/3/1 ebook, and it led to growth of the team through the addition of long-standing members like Harry Selkow. But it was never about the money.

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