If you want to pick the three best lessons from this Table Talk video, here they are: cucumber Gatorade is bad, there's no such thing as a clean fight, and every lifter should be able to eat an entire box of Pop-Tarts in one sitting.

Of course, these are the life lessons of the video. If you're looking for the training lessons, they're here, too. Again in the Rapid Fire setup, Dave comes unprepared to the table and answers questions submitted by you, our elitefts readers. He reads directly from his phone, scrolling through comments posted by Instagram users seeking advice. In this round, he discusses the military press for powerlifters, how to improve grip strength, the use of bands and chains for novice lifters, and more.

The Questions

  • (0:55) How much should a powerlifter be able to do for military press?
  • (1:48) I've been lifting for a while and my deadlift is around 700 pounds. I've never had grip issues until recently. What can I do?
  • (4:00) First bar fight. Give details. Did you fight dirty?
  • (5:46) How do you feel about frequency programs?
  • (6:03) How many Pop-Tarts should I be able to eat in one sitting?
  • (6:31) What's up with the cucumber flavored Gatorade? How did this pass the test inspection?
  • (7:45) When deadlifting, as long as the back isn't rounded does it matter how high the hips are when you start the lift?
  • (8:31) For a first home gym, what equipment would you recommend?
  • (10:13) The first rep of my deadlit is much worse than my second. Why?
  • (11:13) Vogelpohl was interviewed and quoted as saying that young guys need a lot of time under the bar without accommodating resistance. What was old school Westside like before?

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