"If you shit your pants mid set, do you finish the set? Or stop and remove the shit, then restart the set?"

When Dave opens his Instagram to questions from elitefts followers, he's willing to answer anything you may choose to ask — even if it's about shitting yourself during a lift. In this edition of Rapid Fire Table Talk, Dave quickly responds to social media comments, addressing both serious training inquiries and personal interest questions. In contrast to the traditional Table Talk series, Dave answers these questions back-to-back with the first thoughts that come to his mind. Prior to filming, Dave has not read the questions.

Throughout the video, Dave answers questions about the difference between 10 sets of three and three sets of 10, how to keep strength while losing body fat, training during illness, how to tie your shoes while you have a great bloat, Ben & Jerry's, and more.

The Questions

    • Do you have tips or advice for a lifter who has to train late at night and only has around five hours of sleep per night? (1:20) 
    • You and John do a hybrid movement of a row and deadlift that looks explosive. Is this a programmed movement or something you do by feel? (2:25) 
    • How do you feel about minimum effect dose versus maximum recoverable volume? (3:17) 
    • Why does Ben & Jerry's Pistachio taste so good? (3:38)
    • Out of the top athletes and coaches you have worked with, are there any commonalities that keep them from progressing? (3:58) 
    • Is there any difference between doing three sets of 10 and 10 sets of three? (4:45) 
    • Have you ever tried arm-wrestling? (5:28)
    • What advice do you have for a kid who wants to powerlift but is being told he should go to university to become something he doesn't want to become? (5:53) 
    • How do you deal with patella tendonitis? (6:49) 
    • In the past, how have you kept training up at a good frequency and intensity when working around an acute lower back injury? (7:37) 
    • Where do you see powerlifting going in the next year? (7:57) 
    • What should your three-board press be to hit 425 off your chest? (8:30) 
    • How do you keep strength while trying to lose body fat? (8:57) 
    • What is the best way to overcome limitations of your central nervous system? (10:03) 
    • When tying shoes while you were bloated did you ever blackout? (10:35) 
    • What is your opinion on training during sickness? (12:29)  

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