There are a lot of different periodization schemes: Linear Periodization, Block Periodization, and Concurrent Periodization are the most commonly used (but Disaster Periodization, when a lifter doesn't know what the hell they're doing, is pretty popular too). No matter which form of periodization you use, it's going to be difficult to increase you aerobic base while you're getting ready for a meet. This means that you have to be intelligent about your training in the long-term if you want to have a high aerobic base or an advanced level of general physical preparedness.

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For a lot of lifters, using a sled is the answer. In this week's Table Talk, Dave answers the question, "How should a powerlifter use a sled or a prowler?" Dave explains that the best way for a powerlifter to use the sled is as a warm-up on training days or as a more serious extra workout on off days.

  • On lower body days: walking for 20-30 yards for multiple trips. When you do this, the steps must be deliberate with intentional stretching and contracting. Walk both forward and backward.
  • On upper body days: use an upper body attachment on the sled and do walking delt raises (both front and rear) and
  • On off days: heavy pulling of the sled increased over time.
  • On days that you feel like shit: pull the sled with twice the amount of weight you use for your warm-up. Go forward, backward, do forward and backward delt raises, and drag from your feet.

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