WATCH: Table Talk — Can You Bench Alone Using a Bench Shirt?

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Equipped powerlifting, more than almost any other strength sport, forces you to rely on your training partners. From getting into the gear to unracking a heavy bench press to running the monolift for a multi-ply squat, there's a lot that you can't do on your own. Or can you?

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In this edition of Dave Tate's Table Talk series, Dave answers a question about equipped powerlifting. Is it possible to wear gear if you train alone? What if you train in a home gym and don't even have someone else around to spot you if something goes wrong? Are you forced to give up your gear and go back to raw lifting?

Giving a direct example of how elitefts advisor Steve Diel is able to train by himself in his basement and still post incredible numbers, Dave explains how you can make the most of training by yourself and still safely wear powerlifting gear.

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