For 25 years, training was the number one priority in Dave's life. This means that during college, a normal day was all based around what time Dave was going to train. Everything else would have to fall in place around the training.

So a normal college day would be something along the lines of this:

  • Morning Class
  • Train
  • Eat
  • Work at gym during the day
  • Eat
  • Afternoon Class
  • Eat
  • Night Bar Security
  • Bed at 3:30 AM

In this Table Talk video, Dave answers the following questions from Instagram user nsavage1: In detail, what would a normal week for you back in your 20s (training, social life, and diet) be like? What would your meals be for the day and how did you find time for everything?

In the second half of the video, Dave shares one of his favorite stories of working as a bouncer at a bar, which includes a knife being held to his throat and a broken parking meter.

WATCH: Table Talk — Analyzing Training Methods