elitefts™ Belt Squat Machine


Use the Belt Squat Machine to build tremendous lower body power without stressing the lower back.

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Belt squat for bigger lifts.

The belt squat machine is one of the best ways to perform loaded squats without placing loads on your spine. This is important for several reasons:

It allows for faster recovery due to unloading of the spine.

It allows you to squat with upper body injuries that inhibit you from holding a bar on your back.

The downward pull of the belt provides a traction like effect to the spine (great for lower back problems).

You can train to failure with little fear of injury.

Footprint: 4'6.5" wide by 6'10" long.

Other great uses of the belt squat:

The Pull Through
Cable Dead Lilfts
Handle Squats with Double D Handle
Cable High Pulls
Seated Low Rows
Cable Zercher Squats
All types of rows

While squatting is one of the most important movements in training, we all get hit with reality from time to time and find we are in an overtrained state, injured, or just can't hold a bar on our back. While time off is good the belt squat provides a great alternative that can keep the gains coming.

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2) Black
3) Red
4) Navy Blue
5) Royal Blue
6) Yellow
7) Platinum
8) Green

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