elitefts™ Power Squat

Build your squat.

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Finally a Power Squat that works!

The EFS Power Squat is a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows for a variety of different foot placements, band settings, and exercise selection. This has been a staple of university and professional weight rooms for a couple of years now, and for good reason. At EFS, we put our unique touch on this piece and made a good product even better.

  • The wide base will allow for a wide variety of foot placement widths so that taller athletes can use the machine without any problems.
  • The band attachments allow for explosive training and are constructed to hold up during any kind of training session.
  • Highly recommended for in-season training to help your athletes recover from the stresses of practice and competition.
  • Comes with either a rubber or Oak wood base.

Recommended Exercises

Power Squat (all stances)
Hack Squats (all stances)
Good Mornings
Over Head Pressing
Hybrid (Power Squat to Over Head Press)
One Leg Squats

By incorporating bands you can take all the above movements to a new level of training, The Power Squat is ideal for bringing up weak quads while taking the load stress off the shoulders.

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