elitefts™ Signature Smith Machine


A Smith machine built to elitefts™ standards, it is built to a bulletproof standard and is equipped with a heavy duty squat bar.

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"elitefts™™ Signature Smith Machine

What the hell? Why are we are selling a smith machine? The story of how this smith machine came to remind me of the dialogue in the movie Austin Powers:

Scott Evil: I was thinking I like animals. Maybe I'd be a vet.
Dr. Evil: An evil vet?
Scott Evil: No! Maybe like work in a petting zoo.
Dr. Evil: An evil petting zoo?
Scott Evil: You always do that!

This is the elitefts interpretation of that.

Dave: I was thinking I like machines. Maybe we'll get some.
Jim: Evil machines?
Dave: No! Maybe a really big, jacked up smith machine!
Jim: An evil smith machine?

This is about as evil and nasty of a smith machine as you are going to get. The coolest thing about this is the bar is an 8-foot squat bar. Yep. A squat bar in the smith machine.

It's got the safety latches, safety catches, and weight storage. The whole 9 yards, just like a regular smith machine.

Only this one is evil!

Did I mention it has band pegs? Yep. A smith machine with band pegs. Just the bottom though. Having them on top would be too evil. And quite frankly, kind of strange.

So if you are going to get a smith machine, at least get an evil one.

Made with 2""x3"" 11 Gauge Steel

Powder Coated to the color of your choice

Band Pegs

Welded Side Pieces for Minimal Assembly




1. Saying you have the best smith machine in the state! 

2. All types of squats 

3. Flat, Incline and Decline Benches 

4. Teaching and building the JM Press 

5. Training when a more stable environment is required 

6. Training to and past failure 

7. Rows 


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