Lat Bar with 4" Hand Balls Offset 40" wide




A meathead mobile!

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A meathead mobile! Remember when you were a kid? If you were like us, you had a few mobiles in your room. Maybe there were bears and fish, airplanes, or even sports balls on yours. If you were one of the lucky ones, you got to spend all of your time looking at clowns, black cats, ghosts, or some other character that has pretty much screwed up your entire life up to this point. As we got older, these mobiles became even more cool: shape ships, solar systems, or shrunken skulls. Then we got older and these were replaced with posters and boring paint. We wanted to return you to your youth, so we created this very cool Meathead Mobile for our offices. Now, when we are lying on the floor and doing nothing (most of the day), we can look up and see what the Universe would look like if it were completely designed by Meatheads. Kinda... This was made to attach to a lat machine for pulldows. The selling point of this bar is that your thumbs can be turned inward (you can't do this with any other lat bar), allowing for a completely different angle to attack the upper back.
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