Steve Goggins has been competing in powerlifting for over 30 years. In 2003, he hit his highest total off all time, at 2535 pounds. On that same day, he squatted 1102 — the first powerlifter to ever do so. Even today, he still trains at a high level and finds ways to keep pushing himself every year.

It hasn't been without struggle, though. Goggins admits that, as he has aged, it has been necessary for him to adjust his training to coincide with his altered recovery capabilities. This inevitably happens with age.

Last night, Goggins posted a video detailing how to stay in the game of powerlifting for lifters that are starting to hit the 35 and older age range.

Here's advice from the legend:

If you're still young and think you don't need this yet, bookmark it. Listen now and listen again later. We're all going to need this advice someday.

You can find more about Steve Goggins in his coaching log or on his website,