Pull Through Handle

A handle that is purpose-designed for pull-throughs...one of the best squat and deadlift builders you can do!

Typically ships in one to two weeks.


Pull Through Handle


The pull through has become one of the best movements for glute, hamstring and lower back development. The only problem was finding a way to do them without having the handle slipping out of your hands, smash your fingers or kill your wrist.


The pull through handle is designed for the pull through. After several prototypes we finally created the ultimate pull through handle. Designed to fit the exact wrist angle needed for perfect performance without smashing your fingers.

Check this out:

"I just got my pull through handle and have to say you guys have done it again. This is great to use and makes the movement feel 100% better. I finally felt my hips and glutes working." —Richard Wilkons

"I just recieved my pull through handle and used it. Works really good, so much better then using those damn handles that are too small for two hands as it is. Thanks elitefts and staff for great info and products." —Clint E.

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