This is the exact program that I devised after my meet at Raw Unity 7. My goals were simple: I needed a bigger back in all aspects. I took the time to lay out a program where your back is trained every single session along with other systems to yield PRs at the end.

This is based on a conjugate style of programming and is excellent for raw lifters. To say it’s hard is an understatement. The volume is high, the work is heavy, and you will want to quit. You will need to eat your face off and make recovery a priority, but I can promise you, your back will never be thicker and your PRs will become something of the past.

What can this program do for you? In 20 weeks, I made the following progress:

  • Squat (sleeves) — 455x1 to 430x5
  • Bench — 303x1 to 270x9 and 320x1
  • Sumo Deadlift — 455x1 to 500x1


  • My programming goes with sets, then reps (i.e., 4x3 = 4 sets of 3 reps).
  • Use recovery modalities as you need — extra foam rolling, naps, contrast showers, Epsom salt baths, hot/cold tubs, cheat days (wisely), etc.
  • On Squat Day, you can use knee wraps, although I highly recommend you avoid this in the off-season. Stick with knee sleeves until you know you have a meet planned and are about 10-12 weeks out.
  • After your Max Effort Work, you will see a percent with sets and reps. This percent is based on the heavy set you hit. For example, if you front squat 250x5, that equals a 281 front squat... take your percentage from this. If it comes to an odd number (i.e., 233), ALWAYS round down (i.e., 233 to 230).
  • If you don’t use bands for speed work, add 10% to speed work numbers.
  • If your elbows are feeling beat up, perform 2-3 sets of curls as needed.
  • DO NOT MISS LIFTS! If you miss on Max Effort Day, you are DONE! Move on!
  • DO NOT take multiple attempts on Max Effort Day! If your set felt heavy, stop there. Try to beat that weight in 2 weeks. Don’t get greedy!
  • Speed work for upper body will ALWAYS be mini bands — NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Speed work for lower body will vary based upon deadlift and squat maxes.

elitefts Band Recommendations for Squat

elitefts Band Recommendations for Deadlift

If bands are not listed, that will be straight weight. If you have access to chains, decrease the percentage by 5% (for example: 50% at 9x3 straight weight = 45% at 9x3 with chains).

Week 1

week 1

Week 2

week 2

Week 3

week 3

Week 4

week 4

Week 5 / Deload

week 5

Week 6

week 6

Week 7

week 7

Week 8

week 8

Week 9

week 9

Week 10 / Deload

week 10

Week 11

week 11

Week 12

week 12

Week 13

week 13

Week 14

week 14

Week 15 / Deload

week 15

Week 16

week 16

Week 17

week 17

Week 18

week 18

Week 19

week 19

Week 20

week 20