Time management at its best.

Your questions...

My Answers...

All while doing cardio.

Note: These questions were answered over two different sessions.

Basic Business Growth (Time: 8:11)
Kevin asks Dave how he plans to keep EliteFTS growing after hearing him say it was only at 10% of its true potential.

Strength Gurus (Time: 3:37)
Dave is asked about how to get into the "industry" and who is full of crap.

The Hills, TP, Chad, Paper & Bloat (Time:2:51)
Dave is asked about The Hills, should toilet paper be up or down, who has the most dedication and who he would be with if he dated men.

Squat Breakdown 3 Inches Above(Time:5:01)
Jon asks Dave why his geared squat is breaking down 3 to 4 inches above and what to do about it.

What Would I Tell My Boys To Do Differently? (Time: 8:33)
If your boys wanted to become pro powerlifters, what are maybe three things you would tell them to do differently, if any, than you did in the areas of nutrition or training?

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