Elitefts™ Advisor and Owner of Mountain Dog Training and Nutrition  John Meadows performs a Chained Deadlift with Shrugs.

Keys to Success:

  • Center the bar above the balls of your feet.
  • The feet position should be slightly more narrow than shoulder-width.
  • Grab the bar with a pronated grip so the arms are vertical to the floor.
  • Bend the knees until the shins hit the bar.
  • Shoulder-blades should be directly over the bar.
  • Lift the chest pull your shoulders back & down.
  • Keep a neutral spine.
  • Pull off the floor and keep the bar close to the body.
  • Push hips through until hips and knees are locked.
  • Once the top position is reached perform 3 continuous shrugs with a hard contraction.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Repeat for desired reps.