Elitefts™ Advisor and Owner of Mountain Dog Training John Meadows performs shrugs with elitefts™ Pro Strong Bands anchored to the bang pegs in one of our Signature Power Racks.

As with many Mountain Dog movements, this movement is done with a very deliberate and controlled tempo. Meadows pauses at the top of the rep for a strong contraction to hammer the traps. After completing the prescribed reps in the original starting position, he steps rearward and continues with repetitions in this new position. These two directions make this movement great for hitting a broad spectrum of the traps, and the ease of setup and cost effectiveness of the bands make this a great addition to any commercial or home gym.

elitefts pro band

Elitefts™ Pro Bands

elitefts signature rack

Elitefts™ Signature Power Rack