Lee Gerney on Building the Perfect Home Gym

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 elitefts™ Sunday edition

Lee Gerney's Home Gym

One of the best parts of working for elitefts™ (besides the diet advice from Dave) is helping people create their own home gyms. Several months ago, I began corresponding with Lee Gerney on building his own home gym. Like many of you, he was sick and tired of training in commercial gyms and wanted somewhere where he could train the way he wanted to, with whom he wanted to, and without the BS and distractions. His dream became a reality, and I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Here’s a highlight list of Lee’s gym:

Lee is located in Live Oak, California, and has given me permission to provide some of his contact information. If you’re interested in training with Lee, contact him at (530) 517-2015 or email him at LeeGerney@yahoo.com.

If you want to build your own home gym, give Matt Goodwin a call at (888) 854-8806.

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