Iron Subculture Podcast (Episode #5)

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Dave Kirschen shares six mistakes most beginner lifters make, plus one mistake veterans make that they really shouldn’t. Ed Coan and Mauro di Pasquale stop in to discuss the cancellation of Powerlifting USA and how the loss of the magazine will affect the sport. AJ Roberts tells us the reasons for his surprising retirement from the sport. We have our first Listener Feedback segment and I also check in with the three new members of Team elitefts™: Mickey Manley, Chad Walker and Marshall Johnson. The episode is one hour and eleven minutes.


  • 0:00            Recorded intro
  • 0:44            Intro
  • 1:24            Listener Feedback
  • 7:28            New Guys: Intro
  • 8:22            New Guys: Mickey Manley
  • 12:51          New Guys: Chad Walker
  • 16:45          New Guys: Marshall Johnson
  • 19:13          Show ID: Jeremiah Forster
  • 19:47          Farewell to Powerlifting USA
  • 29:00          AJ Roberts
  • 46:19          Show ID: Antoine Valliant
  • 46:50          Dave Kirschen
  • 1:09:42      Wrap-up
  • 1:10:52      End

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