In this episode of Dave Tate's Table Talk, Dave and Sam Brown sit down to discuss the weekend training from hell, no bars on your back, blood work, Dave’s best raw lifts, squat stance, and 1RM testing for football players. Clearly, there's a lot covered in this episode so make sure you tune in and listen to the full thing so you don't miss any of the great tips Dave and Sam leave for you.

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Today's Topics Include

00:00 Introduction

01:15 Grow Hoodies/ Background and Story

10:43 Weekend Training From Hell/ Band Tension/Trade Off of Peaking

25:57 No Bars on Your Back? Deloads and Recovering

37:39 Training Seasons of Life/ Give and Take/ Paying for What you Do

44:49 Blood Work.../Advocate for Yourself/Building Data Points/Red Flags

01:00:50 QnA Starts/ Basement Brandon Power Bar

01:02:10 100 Duck Sized Horses?

01:02:35 Dave’s best Lifts Raw?

01:03:49 How much is Sam getting out of the gear? Geared Lifting Rant

01:12:09 Response to JM on Speed Work?

01:14:02 Finding a doctor for bloodwork and What Blood Values?

01:19:00 Varying Squat Stance?

01:27:00 Back Off Volume on ME Days?

01:28:29 Testing 1RM on New Offseason Football Players?

01:34:54 Do Strongman and Powerlifting Compliment each other?

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