Do you want to recover from injury so fast that people accuse you of being related to Wolverine? To recover like you have the resources available to multi-million dollar athletes? It’s honestly not that hard. You do need to have a solid plan and you need to work that plan.

But not any plan will work, as unfortunately there are a lot of outdated rehabilitation thoughts and processes still floating around. The video below was inspired by an Instagram post I did about a muscle tear. In the comments people were suggesting things to me that were simply counter-productive — rehab approaches I simply didn’t realize people still adhered to!

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All that aside, there are certainly a couple very large things to understand when putting together a rehabilitation protocol.

There is no "one secret tip." It is not one single thing that will help you heal more quickly; it's understanding how recovery works as a whole. Then you develop a plan that incorporates a number of approaches that all fit in with that philosophy. This is exactly what I cover in the following video.

Consistent work needs to be done. Rehab is a very active process and people don’t realize that frequency and consistency must be much higher during this period than any other. It’s very easy to fall into the passive recovery process. But if you want to heal like you're sipping from the fountain of youth, do your work!

Listen how I detail the philosophy on rehabilitation that has given me the ability to consistently recover at phenomenal rates. I have detailed all of my rehab processes in the past on YouTube, through articles, or on my Instagram.

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