Unless you know how to use it, exercise equipment is useless. Sure, you might know how to use it, but maybe you end up using a piece of equipment for one exercise.

That’s not really getting the best bang for your buck, now is it?

The first article in this series focused on a number of different exercises you can use with the elitefts SS Yoke Bar, and now this article will cover elitefts Wrist Wraps.

Wrist wraps are fairly inexpensive as far as exercise equipment goes, and elitefts offers several options:

  • Enforcer: Don’t let the name scare you; these are ideal for workouts where you want wrist support without numbness in your fingers.
  • Normal: Your everyday training wraps. They’re supportive but also flexible and stretchy.
  • Jupiter: A middle ground between the Normal and Super Heavy Wrist Wraps. They’re tough, flexible, and best of all, comfortable.
  • Heavy: Tough enough to outlast your most brutal workouts. They can be tightened and loosened as needed for joint movement and support.
  • Super Heavy: Think heavy, but SUPER heavy. If you’re looking for comfort, these are not the wraps for you. If you’re looking for maximum support for max benching, then these are perfect for you.
  • Krait: A good balance between the Super Heavy and Constrictor Wrist Wraps. They aren’t super tight, but they’re still strong.
  • Constrictor: Snake one of these babies around your wrist, and you’ll never be able to flick your wrist again. Designed with max bench and squat movements in mind, these will lock your wrists in place.
  • Javelin: The strongest and most secure wrist wraps elitefts offers. They’re surprisingly light and incredibly durable.

And that’s only mentioning the elitefts-brand wrist wraps. elitefts also keeps Spud, Metal, Sling Shot, and Cerberus wrist wraps in stock, too. You’ll find the wrist wrap that’s right for you, guaranteed.*

*I have been informed that elitefts as a company does not actually guarantee that, so don’t go suing elitefts if you don’t find one that works. But I’m pretty sure you will.

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