We’ve gone over what sets the SS Yoke Bar apart from the pack and all of the different types of elitefts Wrist Wraps available. You know how to use the SS Yoke Bar and wrist wraps and have easy access to exercises and programs that incorporate them.

In this Best Bang for Your Buck article, it’s time to introduce our next piece of equipment: the elitefts Plyobox and Tri Plyo Cube!

Plyoboxes are generally used for plyometrics, sometimes known as the Shock Method or jump training, in which muscles use maximum force in quick intervals to increase the speed-strength lane(s).

All elitefts Plyoboxes have a foam core and vinyl cover (available in six different colors), which prevents anyone from scraping their knees on metal should they miss the jump. They’re also adjustable because they come in two parts: a six-inch-high landing top and risers.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 2.23.23 PM

The landing top and risers have handles (with the exception of the 2.5-inch riser) for easy transport and Velcro flaps around the entire bottom edge perimeter for stronger stability.

The risers are available in the following heights:

To assemble your elitefts Plyobox, all you have to do is Velcro the landing top on the riser of your choice.

Please note that the landing top is designed for landing — the risers are not, so jump at your own risk — so please use the landing top to prevent injuries.

If keeping a full set of elitefts Plyoboxes would take up more space than you have available, that’s not a problem. Not any more. With the elitefts Tri Plyo Cube, you don’t have to worry about the landing top falling off or buying the next highest riser. It’s a plyobox with three adjustable heights in one piece of equipment!

For plyometric exercise options, Nate Harvey's Conjugate U is an indispensable resource. As you read Conjugate U, you'll realize that box jumps have more variations than you could imagine: kneeling, seated, weighted (using dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, etc.), and more.

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