Exercise equipment is useless—unless you know how to use it. Even if you know how to use it, you might just use a piece of equipment for one exercise and that’s it.

And then there are pieces of equipment that are versatile with tons of uses.

This article series is going to show you why elitefts equipment is worth every penny, especially when you can get multiple exercises out of just about every single item. Imagine the gains!

Read on to get the best bang for your buck.

A Cut Above the Rest

The elitefts SS Yoke Bar is a cut above the rest.

As someone with shoulder problems, elitefts cofounder and CEO Dave Tate can attest to the SS Yoke Bar being a blessing of sorts. It’s the only bar he’s able to use for squatting week after week without damaging his back.

elitefts Coach C.J. Murphy has described the SS Yoke Bar as “the most valuable, the most versatile, and it’s pretty much bulletproof.” (Seriously, its padding is replaceable and so are the handles, which come in 7-inch and 14-inch sizes.)

And C.J. is right: the SS Yoke Bar is incredibly versatile, which adds to its value. Not to mention that C.J.’s written the book on the SS Yoke Bar.

SS Yoke Bar Exercise Index

Check out some of these movements and exercises we’ve collected over the years for further proof: