This is the second interview in a series of interviews with Raw Bench Phenom Leroy Walker.  Leroy is poised to be the next bench presser to go over 700 pounds raw.
He has made attempts at the feat in competition already but has not successfully pulled it off.  Leroy is another lifter that is seeing his performance peak later in his career, which makes the topic of this interview interesting. Walker and Duffin talk about the life cycle of the athlete and things that change over time. They discuss things that change with age and how things that may have worked for you earlier in your career won't take you to the next level.
They also spend time talking about dealing with adversity.  Anyone that has been in the lifting game or in any sport for a great length of time has come upon adversity. This is what separates those that are just talented from those that will excel in the long run. Walker and Duffin talk about their strategies for this.

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