If someone told you that they could give you the secret to gaining strength while also building muscle and getting more lean, would you want to listen?

Of course you would. This industry revolves around the notion that you can get bigger, stronger, and more aesthetic through the right combination of training and diet. Unfortunately, it's not as easy to do all three at once as you might have been led to believe.

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Julia Ladewski, a veteran of team elitefts and multi-sport competitor knows the struggle of deciding between powerlifting and physique sports. Her solution? Do both. With a record of success on both the platform and the stage, Julia speaks in this interview about how you don't have to choose between strength and appearance, and shows that you can do both if you plan your training properly.

In this first video, Julia answers questions about the idea of "powerbuilding." What is powerbuilding? How does she balance training between physique and strength training?

Digging deeper into more specific methods for the second part of this interview, Julia discusses transitioning between physique training and strength training. How is it possible to maintain strength while adding physique training? What is the best way to transition from bodybuilding training back into powerlifting?

In this final video, Julia gives specifics tips. What are the best quick tips for a physique competitor dieting for a show? What diet changes should be made in the final four weeks, depending on how lean you are? How should a powerlifter go about staying lean and controlling bodyweight while preparing for a meet?

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