Abs and shoulder striations might be in fashion right now, but powerlifters haven't always been so concerned with being lean. It doesn't make you stronger. It doesn't convince a judge to give you white lights. It certainly doesn't make things easier when someone confuses you for a bodybuilder.

There are some long-celebrated benefits of being big and Dave has written several guides to help you push up the number on your scale and embrace your inner gluttony. Accepting the need to be big lets you live out your greatest love for food and get stronger for it. You eat more ice cream, order another pizza, and feel happy when your stomach makes it difficult to reach squat depth the next day.

Once you're enormous, you're going to have a lot of great stories about it, too. Can't tie your shoes? Normal. Sweating all day? You and every other super-heavyweight.

For all the enormous lifters Dave has been around in his life, there's one story that sticks out most.

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