Here are the 10 Best Christmas Gifts for the Old Guy Who Still Wants to Lift and Get Strong(er).

I know a lot of readers fall into this category and being one myself I have some insight into this category.

A lot of this stuff will be good for those not eligible for AARP benefits either.

Here we go in no order:

1. Acumobility Balls

These things are not only MADE IN USA, they are revolutionary.  They were designed by a good friend of mine so I am kind of a shill for them. I all seriousness, the Acumobility Balls will do amazing things for your body if you follow along with the FREE techniques on Brad’s website.

There are tons of videos to teach you how to use them and get the most out of them.

2. EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar

Not only is this bar perfect for everyone looking to get strong(er), it is perfect for the aged lifters like me with beat up joints.

Save your shoulders, save your knees, get strong(er) with one versatile piece of equipment. This is a must have item; so much so that it is the first piece of specialty equipment I ever bought so many years ago when I started TPS.

3. The Complete Guide to Using the Safety Squat book

If you bought the bar, you should know how to use it.

This book has a complete list of things to do with the bar besides squatting. It’s also got training templates too.

4. SpudInc Pro Series Deadlift Belt

Possibly my favorite belt.

100% adjustable and 100% supportive.

Enough said.

Get one.

5. Rehband 7051 Original Knee Sleeves

Keep your joints warm and supported. My Rehbands are almost 20 years old and they are still going.

Pro Tip: measure around your arms and buy a corresponding knee size instead of elbow sleeves. They are longer and more supportive than the elbow ones.

This doesn’t work if you don’t live in Rhodestown.

6. Glute Ham Raise Bench

Just read the article I wrote. It explains everything. 

7. Shoulderök

One of the best things to come along in a while.

Made in USA too.

8. Boomstick

Refer to #1 about keeping your old body moving. Grab a Made in USA Boomstick and stay mobile.

9. Grip4orce

On the why didn’t I think of this list.

Again, Made in USA and one of the best, if not the best grip tools available.

A strong grip goes a long way.  Makes a great stocking stuffer.

10. elitefts™ Custom Series S3 Super Hood

Hides the gut and makes you look JACKED.

My second favorite hoody to the EliteFTS Team hoody.

Look jacked even if you aren’t.

Perfect for weddings, court appearances, and all formal occasions.  Wear it with your good Sambas and a nice pair of cargo shorts to look snazzy.

Too nice to train in.

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