With the help of her coach, elitefts team member Christian Anto, Julia has redesigned her training program and implemented new protocols to better address her weaknesses in preparation for the XPC. Despite the incredible success she was experiencing early in the preparation phase, about four weeks ago during a set of deadlifts, Julia began experiencing a great amount of pain in both her quads. After addressing the situation by means of aggressive treatment, the inflammation began to steadily decrease, only to reemerge when Julia began to lift maximal weight. With the meet scheduled in just a couple days, we won't know until game day how Julia’s quads will hold up. Although it is disappointing not knowing where her strength will be on the platform, she has great confidence in her ability, training history and the team surrounding her. Despite the deadlift pain she is experiencing at the moment, Julia anticipates to set a new PR in both the squat and bench-press which will hopefully guarantee a new PR total.



As expected anytime anyone experiences a reoccurring injury, Julia has had days where she feels nervous and anxious about performing her deadlift. Despite this, mentally she is in a much better place heading into Friday knowing her squat and bench-press feel as strong as ever before. Julia plans to counter any nerves she might experience by performing a significant amount of visualization work prior to the meet. Although she is a fierce competitor, she has been in this sport for the past 20 years because of the joy and excitement she gets from training and competing and no minor injury will take that away from her:

When I think about the adversities I have endured in the past, I take a deep breath and relax, knowing that I am there to have fun and put my hard work to the test. Once that first squat gets done, it’s time to just have fun.


Every time Julia steps on the platform, she receives an extra boost of confidence knowing she is representing elitefts. To her, it is a true privilege and distinguished honor to represent elitefts and it is something she takes incredible pride in doing. Although she has been with elitefts for over 10 years, she continues to grow fonder and more proud of the team and it’s the members with each passing year. For Julia, this is her family and closest friends:

These guys and gals are family to me. It's amazing to know that I have their support in and out of the sport, regardless of what happens on meet day. To see them cheering me on and hearing their voices in support is so encouraging. It truly makes every experience something I look forward to and will always remember.


Julia recorded a 330-pound squat (15 pound PR), 190-pound bench (5 pound PR) and a 350-pound deadlift. She totaled 870 which is a 10 pound PR!