WATCH: 30-Minute Leg Annihilation Workout

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Next up in Josh Bryant's 30-minute workout series is the 30-minute leg annihilation workout. Performed in a commercial gym or anywhere else you might train, this workout gets you in and out of the gym with a brutal training session in under half an hour. For this video, Josh Bryant has Noah Bryant perform the full workout to show the ass-kicking you're in for if you follow the protocol.

1. Lying Leg Curls

Many power athletes are weak in their medial hamstrings, which is why Bryant recommends a mechanical dropset style foot position change through this exercise. You start with your weakest foot position (which will be toes pointed inward), and if throughout the sets you hit failure there, you turn your toes straight and continue. If you hit failure again, you turn your toes out and finish the protocol. For sets and reps, perform three reps, rest for 15 seconds, and continue for five total minutes. This exercise can also be performed as a seated leg curl if a lying leg curl is unavailable.

2. Romanian Deadlift

The hamstring has two functions: knee flexion and hip extension. The lying leg curl hit the knee flexion component and now the second exercise in this workout will build hip extension. Do five reps, rest 20 seconds, and repeat that sequence for five minutes. If you don't want to use a barbell, you can use dumbbells or a cable setup. Bryant points out that the modality is not as important as the actual movement — you don't want it to be a hassle to set up. There is no specific tempo, but control it on the way down and keep the back straight.

3. Machine Squat

Barbell squats are great and Bryant assures you he will never complain about them, but this workout is all about fatiguing the muscle without having to take time to set up equipment. By using the machine you don't have to set up the bar, walk out the weight, or worry about stability. You just step under it, pick up the weight, and go. For this exercise, perform six reps, rest 20 seconds, and repeat for five total minutes.

4. Walking Lunges

You can do the final exercise of this workout in the gym, out of the gym, on the sidewalk by your house — anywhere you want. Start by performing walking lunges for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat for five minutes. Concentrate on great form and a good stretch; don't just try to bust them out as quickly as possible. The goal is to keep constant tempo on the muscle and to not sacrifice range of motion.

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